Mark Zuckerberg unleashes the fury of the UFC fans

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the man with millions of Facebook friends, spent a pile of money on a whim to please his friends. We are talking about the UFC Vegas 61 event; the millionaire bought the event behind closed doors for him and his friends.

Mark was determined to give his friends a great evening, so he convinced the head of the UFC to let him own the APEX for one night.

The event was closed to the public and the press. Dana White agreed to such a request, and that is how an evening was enjoyed among Zuck’s friends, who lived the experience of seeing Yan Xianoan and Mackenzie Dern fight, who won by Yan a majority decision.

Mark Zuckerberg had rented the APEX

Mackenzie Dern was the one who revealed that Mark Zuckerberg had rented the APEX. But when Dana White was asked why the Apex was empty and without the usual hustle and bustle, he quipped that he had given his employees the day off.

Dan closed his comments by saying that it was nonsense to say that Mark had rented the APEX. The truth is that these excuses did not convince anyone, especially after seeing photographs of Mark enjoying the fight.

UFC is a private company and can really do whatever it wants. But the comments from the press and the fans are very clear in saying that the best thing about the UFC is seeing the public shouting and celebrating as if they were at home. 

Many dream of attending a fight like this and feel that this type of action reduces the chances of enjoying good fights.

Nathan Quarry, Twitter and Zuckerberg

Nathan Quarry, a true legend, expressed himself with anger at this matter and made a comment on Twitter asking sarcastically:

“Yeah, who among us hasn’t bought an entire stadium to watch fighters fight it out and not mind being among the filthy masses? 

The fact that the UFC thinks this is a great marketing opportunity shows how out of touch they are. I’m old enough to remember that the fighters are the main attraction. Not the promoter. 

And certainly not a guest at the matches.”

Some of the theories are that Mark bought the event to get an idea of how he would prepare for a UFC Metaverse event.

 Something that has already been investigated in other environments. Those who enjoy technology may see what happened that night as something hopeful and generate a lot of theories about the future of the world of fights.

There may be many theories, but the truth is that fans and fighters are upset with these types of decisions, and there is talk of how disconnected they are in the UFC from the essence of the sport.

A clear fact is that Zuckerberg enjoyed the evening very much, perhaps not as much as his wife, who at times was worried about the violence. 

But Mark, you could see the passion he has for MMA. The millionaire began to enjoy sports during the pandemic and even started training.

We speak clearly about the matter; it may be an evening to visualize how metaverse events can be, an initiative of interest by Dana White to generate controversy and thus take advantage of Mark’s image to gain extra publicity or for thousands of other reasons. What is very clear is that this evening between friends, family, and Mark became for him a simple whim of millions of dollars. The image of the UFC was significantly affected, and hundreds of negative comments can be found on the different social networks. The press has also echoed harsh criticism against the UFC for selling out to the highest bidder and ignoring the fans’ interests.

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