eSports – LOL Worlds 2022 odds

eSports – LOL Worlds 2022

LOL Worlds is one of the most important events in eSports. It brings together the best teams worldwide to compete for the world champion title. The tournament is exciting and provides an excellent opportunity for the best teams to showcase their skills.

LOL Worlds is a great event for eSports fans and for those who take their first steps in the world of this type of tournament.

The Asian region is in the lead and is the favorite to win LOL Worlds

The performance shown by the rest of the regions is not close to what was displayed by China and Korea, and the teams of the Asian powers are placed as the great favorites.

In Korea, Gen.G managed to win the LCK after overwhelmingly beating Faker’s T1 in the final (3-0). The first seed from Korea is already a classic in international competitions, and, although they are often accused of ‘cold chest,’ this year they come with everything. Chovy, Peanut, and Ruler arrive determined to bring the seventh World Cup to Korea.

After a remarkable past season, reaching the domestic semi-finals in the spring and finishing runner-up in the summer, Gen.G seemed to reach the pinnacle of his performance by leading to five games in the semi-finals of past Worlds. This season they want yes or yes to win the championship.

Gen.G is positioned as the favorite team of the entire event, with odds of 9/4.

For its part in China, the champion was JD Gaming, who took the final in a total banger fifth match against Top Esports. Also, players like Kanavi, 369, or Yagao already know what it’s like to play in a World Cup, and experience is more than key in scenarios like this.

JD Gaming has odds of 5/2 and is placed as the second favorite on the betting sites.

Europe with little chance of fighting

The level of Europe this year is well below what we have seen in the LPL and in the LCK, and it is tough to imagine any LEC team standing up to Asian teams.

Rogue and Fnatic are the teams that may have some options to advance in the tournament and put up a fight. The oddsmakers place both teams at odds of 66/1.

Event details

The Play-Ins phase will take place in Artz from September 29 to October 4; 12 of the 24 teams in Worlds will compete to advance to the group phase.

Of these 12 teams, only 4 will advance to the next round in the United States, and the format is as follows:

The teams are divided into two groups of 6, where everyone will play at least once against the rest of the teams in their group.

At the end of these matches, the teams that are in first place in their group will go to the next phase, while the second, third and fourth place will compete for another place.

Third and fourth place will face off in a best-of-five matchup, and whoever wins next will face second place in another five-game matchup for the right to qualify for the next stage of Worlds.

So, in total, 4 teams that will play in the Play-Ins will qualify for the group stage and will have their trip to the United States; the rest will return home.

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